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10 Story Templatescustomizable story templates created to promote your services and help you engage with your followers.


10 GIFsbecause who doesn't love a good GIF?! (And because you need some sharable content to step up your social media game!)

Hi there! I'm Marissa.

I’m a branding expert and online business educator with over a decade of experience working with brands of all sizes, from Fortune 500s like GE, Bank of America and John Deere to small start-ups and non-profits. 

I founded Shark & Ship Brand Co. because I love to help entrepreneurs level-up their branding so they can reel in the big fish.

If you need bold, fun and, most importantly, professional branding materials for your biz, I’m your helmsman (that’s a fancy word for the person who steers the ship).

Oh, and my last name is Sharkey, so you probably shouldn’t stick around long if you’re not up for a good sea related pun…

Can’t wait to meet you! 

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