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Is it bold and bankable or boring and broke?
Take our quiz to find out! >>

5 Steps for LEGIT Brand Colors

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Pretty alone doesn't cut it. But I've got tips.

Pretty alone doesn’t cut it. But I’ve got tips.

There is no excuse for bad branding, my friend. ❌

Zilch. Nada.

But you might be scratching your head wondering, “How do I even start?? I don’t even know what colors to pick!”

Well, have I got a surprise for you!

From all my years of experience in marketing and advertising, I’ve learned that “pretty” just doesn’t cut it. But luckily there are legitimate steps you can take to make sure your brand colors are as kickass as your brand was meant to be.

If you need brand colors that align with your logo and support your brand strategy (hint: you do), then use these tips and resources to create a damn good brand color palette.

Step 1: Write down 5 words that describe your ideal customer

Step 2: Write down 5 words that describe your brand

Step 3: Use a color psychology tool to see what colors align with the words you wrote above () 

Step 4: Create a Pinterest board with pins that give you the feeling you want your brand to have 

Step 5: Use Coolors.co to begin creating a color palette that uses your color psychology findings, the inspiration from your Pinterest mood board, and colors that match your subjective preferences

BONUS: Look at your competition to see what colors they are using. Is there an opportunity to stand out from your competition with your color palette? 

Following these simple steps, you can quickly set yourself up for success with a brand color palette that actually means something instead of slapping together a brand board that just isn’t going to float, catch my drift?