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Is it bold and bankable or boring and broke?
Take our quiz to find out! >>

4 important tools you need to build your own brand

You can't set sail without sails... right?

You can’t set sail without sails… right?

Everything in life and business takes tools, my friend. You can’t set sail without sails, can you? 🤷‍♀️

When you set out to build your own brand, you’ll want to be equipped with some of the basics so you don’t find yourself sinking before you’ve even started.

Here are 4 important tools you will need to build your own kickass brand.

  1. FG Funnels 

FG Funnels offers a pretty wide variety of tools for funnel-building, websites, products, courses, and more so that you can build beautifully branded pieces that take your customer on a journey.

  1. Elementor or Squarespace

If you decide to DIY your website, trust me — you don’t want to get lost in the weeds of coding. Pick something easy to manage that still looks great. 

It’s nice to have a drag-and-drop tool like Elementor for your WordPress site or you can choose a really user-friendly site-building platform like Squarespace, which has tons of professional templates to choose from.

  1. Canva 

With all the branded graphics to create, Canva is your design bestie. Canva makes it super simple to seamlessly brand a ton of images using templates and a huge library of design elements.

  1. Email service provider (ESP)

You need a way to automatically deliver goodies like your lead magnet to potential customers. Better yet, choose an email service provider that integrates with the website platform you choose for easy setup.

With helpful tools like these, you’ll be ready to set sail towards a totally amazeballs brand 😎